Concierge Services by Rich Kids


What is “Exclusively Concierge” brokerage? To Rich Kids Real Estate, “Exclusively Concierge” means that we do not only handle all facets of the sale or purchase of a home, but we take care of everything in between and after. At a Five Star hotel, calling down to concierge means having one’s needs met and taken care of regardless of the demand. Concierge by Rich Kids is just that. Whether it’s during the sale or leasing transaction or two years down the road, we are here to service our clients for life. If one can imagine it and it’s legal, we are happy to provide it. The philosophy behind Rich Kids Real Estate is to not only provide the dream home but also the fantasy lifestyle that goes with it. Less time on tedious tasks and more time on pursuing interests are ingredients to achieving that. Step inside the world of Concierge by Rich Kids by referencing The Menu. Your wish is our command.