RK Lifestyle Guide: To A Richpster’s Night Out

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Definition of a Richpster: Rich LA Hipster… If American Apparel knows you by name and you have a lifetime supply of Monistat 7 due to your skin tight collection of skinny jeans (that goes for guys as well), you might be a Richpster.

I do want to preface this section by saying straight up I am not at all cool or alternative (read grungy) enough to be an LA Richpster, but luckiy for you guys, I have friends who are! Here are their recommendations:

Named after famous author, Ernest Hemingway, this library-themed bar has a very antique-chic vibe. Definitely the new hotspot with a door girl who really doesn’t care if you’re the best of friends with her mothers’ brothers’ best friend. If your name isn’t on the list, you aren’t getting in on a weekend.

A club called Rhonda
A really alternative, creative and arguably the most interesting group of people you’ll ever find in one place. You are guaranteed an exciting and unique experience here.

The Short Stop
A definite must see. The Short Stop has been around for years and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. Shot stop offers a pool room with pool tables, a smoking area for the smokers, a photo booth, a juke box, a dancing room where the DJ spins music, and of course the bar.  While it might seem small, it’s definitely large in what this place offers with its service.

The Dresden
A great alternative to the typical LA nightlife. A unique place, as you can go for a top notch meal, or simply meet with friends for a couple of drinks. The Desden offers old school glamour with a pulse and definitely is worth venturing to.